Launch of the AC Global Bulletin

Association for Coaching logoAC 12th anniversary logoI am very proud to present the first edition of the Association for Coaching’s Global Bulletin, and feel immensely privileged to be the Editor. This bulletin is the culmination of AC’s development over the last few years. The global team has been reaching out extensively – in India, Turkey, Italy, Greece, UAE, Spain and elsewhere – receiving an enthusiastic welcome. It is time now to reflect this in our communications and to create a platform to hear your voices too, from all over the world.

A few weeks ago we had a discussion about whether to call the Bulletin ‘International’ or ‘Global’ and came down firmly on ‘Global’. Why? Because, Global goes beyond international – it expresses our recognition of our interconnectedness and our desire at AC to create a forum for sharing ideas – to explore coaching’s role together. As Philippe Rosinski puts it in his new book:

‘… many challenges people face, particularly the hardest ones, are multifaceted. Everything is connected. Traditional coaching simply doesn’t address this complexity … Global coaching helps us face challenges in our daily lives, helps organizations and societies achieve sustainable goals, and promotes long-term benefits for our planet. Global coaching highlights how closely these goals are intertwined’.

I hope you will find much to stimulate you. We welcome your views, suggestions and contributions.

Read AC Global Bulletin Issue 1 online here.

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