Respons-ability in a post-Weinstein world

#metoo in cutout letters stuck on rough cement

The need for respons-ability

This year, our reaction to the Harvey Weinstein scandal offered the clearest indication yet that the ‘Strong Man’ model of leadership is no longer viable. Tolerance of abuse have plummeted to zero levels. We are increasingly demanding leadership that is shared,

The Need for New Generation Coaching and Leadership

Miniature businessman on map of Europe

The multi-generational workplace

New generations of workers are influencing our workplace and in turn approaches to coaching and leadership. One is Generation Y and the other is the ‘Third Actors’, those who might have previously retired but instead are realigning to include a continued career.

How coaching can cast the net wider

Lighthouse on a rocky headland

Ceaseless change

I am sitting on the cliffs above a lighthouse. The day is big and bright; I feel blessed by the sun that follows a dull, overcast morning. I look down from my godly heights at the square-shaped inlet that tucks in under the rocky lighthouse headland.

I am mesmerised by…

The art of embracing uncertainty and complexity

woman in bowler hat entering forest

Throw your hat over the wall

There is a story about two lads who decide to go to the fair one Saturday. It’s a long walk but they are keen. The fair will draw people from far and wide, there will be fairground rides, exotic sights, stalls selling tasty fare and, above all, the chance of romance.

They set out early…

Why time wasted can be wisdom gained

Man with broom sweeping up dandelion seeds

Consign efficiency to the trashcan

I do not talk readily to my clients about pottering. I’m aware few understand it and fewer still rate the activity. But it has important lessons to teach. Procrastination too.

High performers in any field usually have passion for their work…

The Future of Coaching
New Book – Out Now

I am excited that my new book “The Future of Coaching” is published, and available to order now.

The Future of Coaching
Vision, Leadership and Responsibility in a Transforming World

Hetty Einzig,

Purpose Power Presence – Programmes for Women Leaders – 2018 Dates


See Purpose Power Presence website for details

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“I want every woman I know to do this course!”
– Marie Campbell, Deputy Programme Director,

The Future of Coaching – pre-order the book now with 20% discount

I am excited that my new book “The Future of Coaching” is due to be published in May, and is available to pre-order now.

Details below (or download the flyer) – and you can order now with a 20% discount (see below).

Purpose Power Presence: Women in Leadership. London Workshops 2017

Purpose Power Presence logoAn inspiring two day workshop with Hetty Einzig and Liz Rivers

Are you ambitious but underselling yourself? Keen to make a difference, to find your purpose? At a transition in your career? Maybe you don’t fit the stereotype so keep taking the safe route.

Women in Leadership: Purpose Power Presence. London Workshop October 2016

An inspiring two day workshop with Hetty Einzig and Liz Rivers

We need a new kind of leadership. Business and society are at a turning point: away from the old industrial, “command and control” models towards ecological, interdependent models of collaboration and complexity.

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The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.
Albert Einstein