to reflect…

to reassess…

to renew…

to challenge the status quo

Leaders are under pressure to make decisions and act fast. The trouble is this means we mostly react – and reaction is by definition ‘thought-less’.

Our brains draw on old habits and follow well-worn tramlines. So we are likely to get what we always got. If we want new growth we need to step out and take time – to reflect, to reassess, to renew: to regenerate.


As a Regenerative Thinking Partner I help leaders take the road less travelled. Together we address blocks, face fears, speak the unspoken and uncover the unknown; keeping our eye on the bigger picture and the longer horizon, we seek out simplicity within complexity. I cultivate signature strengths, challenge the status quo, nurture wisdom and unlock creative pathways forward to regenerative futures.

Leaders come to understand where they stand, what they stand for, what their unique contribution is and the actions needed to manifest this in the world.


Regenerative thinking starts with understanding our self as entangled in ecosystems…

We think with our whole body, not just the brain between our ears! A transpersonal approach is ecosystemic, holistic and regenerative. We explore our internal eco-system of mind, body, emotions and spirit and the many ecosystems we inhabit. We are entangled creatures: the professional is impacted by the personal, and by context. Together we consider the impact and import of experience, beliefs, values, behaviour and actions.

We work creatively and in partnership: one partner may trigger ideas and insights in the other; sensations, intuition, values, gut instinct, emotion, and inspiration are all at play in these creative collaborations.

I believe people want to live whole lives, satisfying at all levels which includes contribution beyond the self. Transpersonal work provides a robust platform for deep understanding and confident action for what matters.

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As a leader, time is your greatest asset. Who you spend it with and what you do with it matters.

In a world of fake news, social media, spin and increasing complexity, I offer leaders a still space to step out and think both deeply and widely – over time. No quick fixes or easy answers. Together we question, provoke, listen, reflect and challenge… building rewarding dialogue. I look to develop leaders who are willing to stand by their values, become fully themselves, and sometimes stand apart from the crowd.

The special space created by the Transpersonal Coaching engagement is like an alchemist’s crucible. It brings heart, mind, body and spirit together to produce ‘gold’ – the ‘something new’: I support the emergence of the best in the leaders I work with, to help them find their ‘gold’. Together we serve a bigger purpose than our own ambitions. A regenerative and transpersonal mindset brings new perspectives to seemingly intractable problems; we seek to revitalise and regenerate where possible, hospice what needs to pass on and midwife the new.  We take time to reflect on best ways forward for self, organisation and the societies and places impacted by our choice of action.

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Humans are messy! One of the great myths is that of ‘rational man’. We are anything but!

Powerful, ugly emotions like greed and envy, guilt, rage and shame, sit uncomfortably alongside our compassion, love, care for others and natural desire to collaborate. We are both brilliant and banal; full of great courage and shame-making cowardice. We are human.

We burst with dreams and good intentions but we’re also prone to despair and paralysis; we want to move forward but we linger back; we desire to do better, to reach up high, but we shoot ourselves in the foot. I love to work with this wonderful messiness. Together we ‘stand in the compost heap of life with our eyes on the stars’. (Bill Sharpe, Futurist)

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Vision, Leadership and Responsibility in a Transforming World.

“Hetty Einzig examines the role of coaching and leadership in the 21st century, and sets out a compelling vision for its future. Drawing on 25 years experience coaching leaders in the corporate and public sectors, in the UK and globally, she challenges the tenet of coaching neutrality. She encourages coaches to see themselves as partners in courageous leadership and to work towards building an ethical, holistic and networked coaching approach to help create businesses that serve society and our globalised world.”


Transpersonal Coaching Programme

Module One online: 10 – 11 September 2024
Module Two in person in Oxford: 19 – 20 November 2024
Module Three in person in Oxford: 28 – 29 January 2025

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