FemmeQ Summit, London –
International Women’s Day March 8, 2018

Feminine Intelligence

For nearly 120 years, International Women’s Day has been a time each year to celebrate the achievements of women in every area of life, from the social and cultural to the political and economic.

Recently we have seen a groundswell of activity not only around this day, but every day, as women and men have been galvanised and united in response to political upheavals, workplace scandals, and a generally raised consciousness about the fact that the way we’re working isn’t working.

Blazing a trail within this continued activity is the FemmeQ Summit, with events in London and Los Angeles coming up this year. The summits focus on articulating and promoting Feminine Intelligence, a particular set of qualities and skills – possessed by both women and men – that stand alongside Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Spiritual Intelligence (SQ).

We highlight Feminine intelligence as equally essential to our personal growth and to our capacity to act effectively in the world – and urgently needed to redress the balance in our masculinised workplaces. FemmeQ identifies key characteristics as core to feminine intelligence and puts these centre stage as critical to a viable future in our fragile and complex world.

Compassion, Deep Listening, Inclusivity, Interconnectedness, and Regeneration are the core qualities of Feminine Intelligence. Long marginalized in the public arena, it is precisely these qualities that will enable us to apply our acquired knowledge and skills to address the critical issues we face in the world today. FemmeQ is the capacity that allows us to be responsible guardians of humanity and our planet.

What is FemmeQ? Another world is not only possible, she's on her way - on a quiet day, I can hear her breathing. - Arundhati Roy

FemmeQ puts key characteristics centre stage as critical to a viable future in our fragile and complex world.


Behind the Summit is FemmeQ: Feminine Intelligence, a global movement that launched in 2016, when 140 people from 15 countries gathered in Berlin.

With a mission to ‘pioneer the possible’, FemmeQ is a community of thought leaders, change makers, social activists and business leaders committed to creating new paradigms of thinking and acting in core sectors of society such as: business, peace building, politics, arts and culture, health, ecology and education.

The focus is on how we can all help to transform current systems and structures by venerating those feminine qualities that have traditionally been seen as soft or weak.

FemmeQ exists to inspire women and men to create new possibilities, rise to their full capacities, and build a world that works for all. We are empowered by our shared vision of this world.

FemmeQ principals - group photo

FemmeQ in Berlin, 2016

FemmeQ Summit, London, 8-9 March 2018 – hosted by Alternatives

I am incredibly proud to be part of FemmeQ along with my colleagues Dr. Scilla Elworthy, Dr. Scilla Elworthy, Alexandra Feldner, Karen Wooldridge, and Gaby Haiber. And I am honoured to be speaking at the 2018 FemmeQ summit in London, on the topic of ‘Women Mean Business’, alongside these speakers:

  • Dr. Scilla Elworthy – ‘Peace Building’ – Co-founder of FemmeQ & Author of Business Plan for Peace – UK
  • Shelley Zalis – ‘The Power of the Pack’ – Entrepreneur and Social Change Agent – Founder and CEO of The Female Quotient – USA
  • Karen Downes – ‘Grace and Resilience’ – Business and Leadership – Co-founder FemmeQ & Founder of The Flourish Initiative – UK, Australia
  • Alexandra Feldner – ‘The Beauty and Creativity of the Feminine’ – Media and Arts – Co-founder of FemmeQ, Creator of the film ‘Today I Rise’ – Germany
  • Sam Moyo – ‘The Feminine in Social Change’ – Social Entrepreneur and Activist – Founder of Morning Gloryville – UK
  • Geoff McDonald – ‘Why the Balance of the Feminine is needed’ – Ex Global Vice President for Human Resources, Unilever, Founder of Minds@Work

The FemmeQ Summit, London in March 2018 is set to be a unique event and deep conversation. We invite 80 women and men to join us and make their International Women’s Day a launch point for a new way of thinking and being.

Two women talking

The 2018 FemmeQ summit is set to be a launch point for a new way of thinking and being.

This video from last year’s event gives a sense of what to expect, with next steps below. I am very much looking forward to this year’s event and sharing the experience with others.

FemmeQ Summit, London, 8-9 March 2018 – hosted by Alternatives
Date: Thursday 8th March and Friday 9th March
Venue: Lumière London, 1-2 Silex Street, London, SE1 0DW
Tickets: £350

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