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“The world we have made as a result of the level of thinking we have done thus far creates problems that we cannot solve at the same level at which we have created them…We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humankind is to survive.”
– Albert Einstein

Hetty EinzigI am an independent executive coach, trainer and facilitator working globally with individuals, teams and organisations in the areas of leadership development, transpersonal coaching and emotional intelligence, across corporate, private and public sectors. I work regularly with Performance Consultants International (founding partner, Sir John Whitmore), PC France, and Irving Allan. I teach on the PCI Executive Coach Programme and the Diploma in Executive Coaching at the IMI in Dublin. I am familiar with a range of tools and am accredited to deliver the internationally recognised Bar-On EQ-i psychometric.

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In addition to my 1:1 coaching and the executive programmes I design and deliver, I facilitate strategic meetings, development away days and conflict resolution sessions.

The coaching relationship, when it works well, is intimate and powerful. Powerful because it promotes real change. Intimate because, in order for us to feel secure enough to take the risk to step into the new, we need to feel part of a trustworthy and respectful relationship.

The threads that unite all my work are the value I place on service; my commitment to helping individuals and organisations realise their full potential through real action in the world and a belief that everyone wants to make a contribution. I work with a creative mix of intellectual challenge, humour, energy and reflection and a toolkit that includes imagery, guided visualisation and story telling for deep personal engagement.

My approach is holistic, spanning work, life and strategic development issues; I take a systems perspective viewing the individual or team within their organisational and current context. We are not separate from our environment and our colleagues but interdependent. This understanding can provoke profound shifts in the way leaders optimize talent and develop high performance workplaces and in their approach to leadership in wider contexts.

My roots are in transpersonal psychology [download], a values and potential based model that works with the cognitive, emotional, physical and spiritual as an interconnected whole. This deeper understanding underpins all my work.

Married with two young adult daughters, I also understand the very real pressures of being a working mother, combining a meaningful working life with caring for a family and how to navigate the emotional and practical complexities of this while sustaining energy and purpose.

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“Hetty is an excellent deliverer of Transpersonal Coaching… which I regard as the top level. Very few coaches are trained and able to give training to others in this advanced level, of which I have had the pleasure in delivering with her in the past… Hetty has run trainee courses and coached teams and executives in many countries over the years… I regard Hetty as one of the founders of the coaching profession and have no hesitation in recommending her.”
– Sir John Whitmore, founder and Chairman of Performance Consultants International