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Here is a small selection from the feedback I receive on coaching and training sessions, often unsolicited, sometimes minutes, sometimes years later…

I really appreciated Hetty’s way of listening to people – she understood in a few hours my strengths / weaknesses and she immediately helped me to have a clear view of myself. Every time we talked together was a new step forward for me – I looked forward to this call! and for going deeper and deeper within myself. This amazing experience that I have had with Hetty also gave me a lot in my personal life, to be honest, but that is private! After working together, I am even more confident in my leadership skills and perform better than before. I also have a better understanding of how other people work. Hetty makes the difference!!!

Francois Xavier DesplanckeManaging Directorchez Moet Hennessy Central & South of Europe

The time I spent with Hetty was invaluable for my growth and development in the workplace and beyond. Hetty helped me to work out the difference between issues in the workplace, and the issues I brought into the work place, and I was able to deconstruct some of the major challenges and obstacles I faced as a founder-director of a young start-up charity. The strategies I created with Hetty for managing everything from challenging personalities, work-life balance, and issues around taking leadership, I still use regularly. I found the honesty, directness and challenging conversations that took place between the two of us incredibly enlightening and helpful at a critical point in my career development.

Hannah WeisfeldDirectorYachad

At a time when relationships and communication were getting difficult, I asked Hetty to facilitate a group with our team of clinicians. Though the work was brief, it allowed a long avoided conversation to happen. It became surprisingly safe to speak up and, mysteriously, the dynamics have been much healthier since then.

Prof David PetersNew Medicine Group, Harley St

We met over a French/British joint venture, to be coached to understand the cultural differences we were likely to encounter. The work Hetty, Sir John Whitmore and colleagues did with our group was a revelation.… They managed to get a reluctant and hierarchical group to open up, discuss their fears and hopes, and quickly address the issues, and the platform was laid for a series of joint projects which greatly benefitted all parties.

We then asked Hetty to coach several senior staff and she helped me to review and appraise my own actions and organisation as a Chairman/CEO. I found Hetty to be a great sounding board – confidential and secure conversations allowed me to both practice and review my approach to key executives. Hetty was able to help me to understand the issues and to work through in a logical way to a well structured conclusion – resulting in real benefits from having been rehearsed and thought through.

Hetty was also very successful with key individuals who were not working together well. These sessions led to step changes in our account management and commercial outcomes. Making big property and construction projects a success is all about great teamwork and understanding. The work Hetty did laid foundations for good behaviour that resulted in many years’ great work by our team of contractors and supply chain members. We are still working well together today, and using the lessons and examples which resulted from those early interventions.

I have no hesitation in recommending Hetty to other commercial organisations that are looking for a smart, effective and well balanced coaching service.

Paul HodgkinsonChairman and Chief ExecutiveSimons Group

My team and I worked with Hetty for a year, and were very impressed by how insightful and thoughtful she was in understanding and helping us improve our team dynamics.  Hetty is also an excellent one-on-one coach. I found her very easy to talk to and she provided useful insights that helped me be more effective in my job. I highly recommend her.

The Managing Director of a leading Financial Services Consultancy

I worked with Hetty over a period of time to assist me with a transition into a more senior management role and recognising how that could fit into my personal life.  She helped enormously by getting me to focus on my strengths and weaknesses.  Sounds simple, but Hetty got me to be brutally honest in a very safe environment. The result was that I was able to improve on my skills, not just on where I was lacking, but also where I already had a good level of strength.  Hetty was unbelievably positive and supportive. She understood my goals and focused our meetings so that each time another layer was added. Always available to talk and suggest ways to approach issues, I still use many of her lessons and techniques regularly.  I have since seen her work and results in members of my team and would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her.

Peter DuffPartnerShoosmiths

Hetty is an excellent deliverer of Transpersonal Coaching… which I regard as the top level. Very few coaches are trained and able to give training to others in this advanced level, of which I have had the pleasure in delivering with her in the past… Hetty has run trainee courses and coached teams and executives in many countries over the years… I regard Hetty as one of the founders of the coaching profession and have no hesitation in recommending her.

Sir John Whitmorefounder and Chairman of Performance Consultants International

When I started coaching with Hetty, I was kind of persuaded to do so, but didn’t really trust in the benefits of a professional coach. I was even struggling to find a date in my calendar for the first two sessions. I thought: “I cannot hear anything new after 12 years of top management experience”.

But, session by session, I started to understand myself much better, and I could directly translate and implement the results of our meetings in practice, and I think I became a better leader.

A special plus was that in the middle of the coaching period, unexpectedly, I faced both professional and personal crises, which I could resolve much better with the support of my coach. Today I have a personal strategy (which I never used to have before), and implementing it step by step.

Diósi LászlóCEOOTP Bank, Romania

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