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In scary times we are alert to threat: our focus and thinking narrow, and we tend to play safe. But this won’t build the world and workplaces we want. We think women leaders have some answers worth nurturing and sharing.

My colleague Liz Rivers and I have a new offering for 2021 – the Anima Co-Vision group. This ongoing group for women leaders is for you to step back and slow down – so you can think clearly, deeply and widely together with a group of peers. Anima offers a place of inquiry and a sanctuary: we explore challenges and concerns, share ideas, models and tools and build community in a supportive space where you can drop the professional ‘mask’, connect, reflect, learn and seed effective action.

Our aim with Anima is to promote a holistic approach to thinking and decision making – which means mind, body, heart and spirit are all ‘online’. This will also restore your energy and help you face complexity, uncertainty and rapid change with courage and wisdom (rather than wanting to hide under the duvet).

This is an opportunity to go deeper with a dedicated group of women leaders. Limited to 8, we will go on a 6 month journey together.

At a fraction of the cost of 1:1 coaching it’s an opportunity to be coached by both of us, plus getting insightful input from an exceptional group of peers. A worthwhile investment to ground your leadership in these times.

As our first Anima Co-Vision group is now full, we’re pleased to announce that we will be starting a second group in mid-April 2021.

Full details are here.



  • Date: Apr 16, 2021
  • Where: Online