I work with teams to help them develop their group identity, to help move them through stuck positions, blocks and dysfunctions. Raising awareness of group dynamics helps groups and teams work together better, build strategic direction and reach decisions more efficiently.

group coaching

Diversity and Inclusion team of major oil company:

I worked closely with the team director and the whole team to build alignment of purpose and vision among a highly diverse group of individuals. I held a contained space so that the group could get to know each other better, build trust and respect and develop protocols for shared decision making, projects for spreading understanding of D&I issues throughout the company and the courage, determination and influencing skills to take these to successful embedding.


Complementary Medical Practice:

A successful Harley street practice of complementary practitioners had reached an impasse of distrust based on a clash of values and different communicating styles.  I facilitated a session that enabled the whole team to speak openly and for differences to be addressed within this safe space.  The team was able to build on this, moving to the mature position of re-establishing shared values and a shared purpose.


‘I asked Hetty to facilitate a team meeting … It became surprisingly safe to speak up and, mysteriously, the dynamics have been much healthier since then.

– New Medicine Group, Harley St