I design and deliver in-depth leadership programmes: in-house, bespoke and open programmes. These enable organisations to learn together and regenerate. They develop a shared language that revitalises tired internal processes, build regenerative leaders throughout the organisation and enable people to work together more effectively to a common purpose.

Examples include:

Transpersonal Coaching Programmes

Transpersonal coaching proposes a view of existence and a way of looking at reality in which our sense of identity extends beyond (trans) the individual or personal to encompass wider aspects of humankind, life, psyche and cosmos. This 2-level programme offers effective models and tools based within a robust, ethical framework of ‘secular spirituality’ (Einzig 2017) that together can support coaches as they partner with leaders, helping them adapt to change, but also to enact change for pro-social, beyond-self goals.

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Purpose Power Presence

The 2-day Athena Leadership Intensive is an open programme for women from diverse professional backgrounds. The programme is a retreat-in-the-city, blending discussion, coaching skills, leadership embodiment work and imaginative exercises. Here women in small groups explore their relationship with power, with their own wellbeing and discover their deeper purpose beyond goals. This process, which is both challenging and regenerative, develops their presence and the confidence to pursue their ambitions.

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Coaching for Performance

A long-running skills based 2-day programme for a medical devices global company for engineers working in small teams on precision instruments designed to save lives. They needed to develop the skill and capacity to support and challenge each other, to listen with ears and eyes for any emotional shift that might translate into a mistake, and to engage in feedback dialogues to help all be at their best.


Taking the Lead…for what really matters

A 4-day/2 module women in leadership programme for the Irish Management Insitute, Dublin. This programme attracts women from a range of professions and all sectors. It includes the Reuven Bar-On EQ-i emotional intelligence measure and 1-1 coaching. Women develop a sense of their personal ‘leadership brand’ – who they want to be as a leader, and their ‘leadership blueprint’ – where they want to go and the impact they wish to have. They discover the pride in managing their own energy effectively and building their voice. We look at leadership theory, current data on women in leadership, blockers, enablers, unconscious bias and how to lead change that is effective.


Global Leadership Programme

A 3-day x 3-module programme including 1-1 coaching for a leading global luxury brand based in France extended over a 12-month period. It included use of the MBTI and the EQ-i. The three modules focussed on Building awareness and responsibility; developing potential in self and others; leading change. The programme covered the full range of leadership areas and challenges that these senior executives face in their different contexts.


Common Purpose

As a senior associate with Common Purpose I have coached and facilitated peer coaching sessions on a signature programmes for third-sector and environmental leaders and co-designed major leadership programmes for French speaking leaders in the environmental sector from across Africa and other French speaking countries. The programmes were designed to build understanding and skills in managing their own energy, engaging with complex eco-systems, inspiring through story-telling and building allies through coaching skills – to support them to pro-actively lead change for environmental protection, both in their own context and in unfamiliar environments beyond their authority. As part of these programmes participants met unusual and inspiring individuals, entrepreneurs, artists and activists making change in the world. These meetings and associated discussions and development activities inspire leaders to access their own courage, skill and intention to make significant change for the good within their organisations and communities.


‘I still use many of Hetty’s lessons and techniques regularly. I have also seen her work and results in members of my team and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her.’

– Partner, Shoosmiths