Selected Publications

(some also downloadable below)

  • The Future of Coaching - Vision, Leadership and Responsibility in a Transforming World - Hetty Einzig

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    ‘The Future of Coaching: Vision, Leadership and Responsibility in a Transforming World’, Routledge May 2017
  • ‘Don’t play by the rules: how to reignite women’s fire in the workplace’ Guardian Women in Leadership, 17 March 2016
  • ‘Shared Ownership’ in Coaching at Work, Nov/Dec 2013 [download below]
  • What the Cherokee can teach business leaders about sustainabilityGuardian Sustainable Business, 6 August 2013
  • ‘Psychosynthesis – A Practical Psychology For Our Times’, in [publication?] April 2013 [download below]
  • ‘The Beast Within – coaching the dark and the light’ in Coaching at Work, May 2011 — “Commended” by the Editorial Board in the category ‘Best Thought Leadership Article, 2013’ [download below]
  • ‘Pieced Work – coaching imagery’, a whole systems approach to coaching in the workplace, in Coaching at Work, January 2009 [download below]
  • ‘Transpersonal Coaching’ (2006) with John Whitmore in Excellence in Coaching: the industry guide to best practice. London, Kogan Page
  • Hetty Einzig - Shared Ownership 2013

    [click image to download PDF]

    ‘Positive Parenting and the State’ (2004) with Phil Hope MP in Family Fortunes – the new politics of childhood. London, Fabian Society
  • Evaluation Toolkit: a tailored approach to evaluation for parenting projects (project devisor, manager and executive editor) Parenting Education & Support Forum, 2002
  • Parenting Education and Support: new opportunities (co-editor with Prof. Sheila Wolfendale) David Fulton 1999
  • ‘Counselling in primary care’ (with Dr. Graham Curtis Jenkins) and
  • ‘Parenting education and support’ in New Directions in Counselling (Routledge 1996)
  • Becoming a Counsellor: a guide to training in counselling and psychotherapy (British Association for Counselling 1994)
  • Personal Problems at Work: counselling as a resource for the manager (British Association for Counselling, 1990)
  • Counselling and Psychotherapy: Is it for me? (British Association for Counselling 1989, 1990, 1991, 1993, etc.)
  • The Fitness Jungle (with Christopher Connolly; Century-Hutchinson 1986)
  • The New Guide to Women’s Health (with Dr. Norma Williams; Macdonalds 1985)
  • Dieting Makes You Fat (with Geoffrey Cannon; Century 1983, Sphere 1985, Simon & Schuster 1985. Translated and published also in Holland, Norway, Finland, Japan, etc. (No.1 in the UK non-fiction best-seller list 1983) [new edition]

Selected downloads:

The following documents may be downloaded for personal and research use, and may be quoted subject to ‘fair dealing’ regulations, and being appropriately credited, including links back to this website and, for published articles, to the website of the publication. Please contact me for clarification if necessary.

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