Martin Vogel and Hetty Einzig have been convening ecosystems supervision groups since 2020 – both open groups for practitioners working with people and tailored groups for in-house/internal coaches and leaders. Having run several online six-month programmes we will now be starting an in-person group in London in 2023.

Our groups have proved particularly supportive and enriching for practitioners during this time of accelerated global disruption and increased uncertainty. We focus in depth on the individual and in breadth on the systems and networks in which our supervisees and their clients are located.

The enforced isolation and social distancing of the pandemic may have receded. But ‘living-with-Covid’ entails continued uncertainty – compounded by the global cost of living crisis, geopolitical uncertainty (brought into sharp focus by the war in Ukraine), and fears around the steep rise in energy prices. All of these are part of the wider climate crisis and its impact on the social fabric and civic institutions.

We work within these circumstances, they form our wider ecosystem, and the challenges and concerns they raise are shared by us and our clients alike. The accumulation of ‘outsize’ and complex challenges engenders a sense of impotence, anxiety and confusion.

Our ecosystems supervision groups reflect on the impact of these developments on ourselves, our clients and our work. They answer the need for a space to explore these challenges in the context of the many cultural and natural ecosystems of which we are part – home, family, workplaces, community, nation and world. In the groups, we can also challenge conscious and unconscious norms, assumptions and behaviours. Our innovative approach encourages an integration of our identities as people, practitioners and citizens.

The groups are for experienced practitioners wishing to deepen their connection and contribution through their work.

We offer monthly sessions of three hours with a break in the middle. We respond flexibly to the group’s needs as situations unfold. The sessions address a mixture of thematic group content and supervision of individual practice issues.

Our approach is collaborative and experimental. We draw on our backgrounds in transpersonal coaching, bodywork, creative work, mindfulness and psychodynamic theory and practice.

Hetty Einzig brings experience from a career encompassing psychotherapy, writing and journalism, and launching and directing a successful non-profit organisation. Her coaching and supervision is founded in Psychosynthesis and informed by ecological and systemic perspectives, psychology, art and literature.

Martin Vogel draws on a career as a former journalist and strategist turned coach and supervisor – integrating critical perspectives of society and politics alongside an interest in narrative and arts-based approaches.

For more information, read our explainer article here:
What Is Eco-Systems Supervision?


The size of the group will be no larger than eight participants. The groups are ongoing and run initially for six sessions.

Participants must be able to commit to all six dates and, once committed, will hold responsibility for rescheduling any group meeting which they cannot attend.

For the last couple of years we have worked on Zoom, but we are now planning to launch an in-person group in London again. Dates are still to be confirmed but the group will likely commence in March 2023. We will work in a variety of spaces: a booked venue, the environment outdoors, or a public space, such as an art gallery.

The fee is £1,200 plus VAT, payable in advance of the commencement of the programme.

We are now inviting expressions of interest for our 2023 in-person group, so if you would like to be part of this, or would simply like to start by finding out a bit more, please enter your details in the form below.