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The corporate resources and personal energy devoted to developing and retaining current and future leaders in an organisation are massive. The loss of resources and capability due to career failures, attrition and churn can be huge.

Transition Expertise is the set of skills, knowledge and abilities that enable one to make repeated successful tractions throughout one’s life and career. It is not synonymous with the skills required for a specific position. Rather it consists of the abilities to make transitions from one relatively stable position or situation to another. The transitions themselves are anything but stable, predictable or similar to the actual work situation and they require a special combination of abilities and skills.

TransitionExpertise is a team of trained psychologists who have spent the past thirty years helping individuals, teams and organisations to enhance their performance. Our experience confirms that business people, like elite athletes and musicians, want to perform at their best and thrive when given the means to do so. We provide those means.

Our mission is to enable people and organisations to realise their full potential and consistently perform at their best. They also build an empowering culture and a life-enhancing work community.

Our approach is experiential and directly related to the work context. We provide tools for personal self-management and a feedback procedure that sustains individual and team development.

We help organisations to align culture, processes and systems with the minds and spirits of their people.

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