Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.
Søren Kierkegaard


Transpersonal coaching is based on transpersonal psychology and actively engages with our Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) building on Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and ecosystemic thinking to enable deeper and broader perspectives on the challenges we face today.

The original 2-day workshop was designed by Hetty Einzig and coaching pioneer John Whitmore based on the psychosynthesis model of Roberto Assagioli. Hetty worked with John for many years, shaping the field of Transpersonal Coaching and extending the reach of coaching within organisations. Hetty’s longtime colleague Christopher Connolly has now joined her. Christopher is deeply trained in psychosynthesis and an expert in how we can successfully navigate transitions in work and in life.

We are delighted to collaborate with the Beyond Partnership to offer this programme for 2024 and beyond.

Hetty and Christopher have designed an enriched programme drawing both from the roots of the transpersonal and from transition expertise framing it in the context of our current era, often called the Great Turning. As humanity starts to awaken to the current global crises – environmental, social and psycho-spiritual – loss, grief, anger and guilt are coming to the fore. Just as all crises generate opportunities, at the same time we are turning to embrace more life-enhancing ways to inhabit this Earth. Mourning and Regeneration are the key themes of our time. Coaches have a key role to play and the transpersonal offers models, approaches and tools to work proactively with what can be called the Great Transition.

Transpersonal coaching proposes a view of existence and a way of looking at reality in which our sense of identity extends beyond (trans) the individual or personal to encompass wider aspects of humankind, life, psyche and cosmos. The transpersonal emphasises our interdependence, includes the collective and the universal, and goes beyond the psyche to include the spiritual – that which fires and sustains our spirit.

The programme offers effective models and tools based within a robust, ethical framework of ‘secular spirituality’ (Einzig 2017) that together can support coaches as they partner with leaders, helping them adapt to change, but also to enact change for pro-social, beyond-self goals. Now more than ever, when the capacity to engage with critical and urgent global challenges is key, we need to work holistically, ecosystemically, ethically and with a networked mindset.

This 3-module programme will give you values-based coaching principles and techniques to help your clients discover the power and effectiveness of who they are and create deep and meaningful change. Practising transpersonal coaching will help you understand how self-mastery, multiplicity, authenticity and whole ecosystems are paramount to authentic and effective leadership of oneself and others.

Further information on Transpersonal Coaching

If you’d like to read more from me on Transpersonal Coaching I can offer a starter article, summarising how the transpersonal works and why it’s so important in our world today.

Then when you’re ready to dive deeper, you can download my 5-page paper. This was originally written in 2013, with subsequent updates in 2016 and 2020.




The aim of Module 1 is:

  1. To introduce you to Transpersonal Coaching, its foundations and ontological view of the world. We will work with the core models, techniques and approaches, which will enable you to add a transpersonal perspective to your coaching and use some of the techniques with your clients.
  2. To engage with the question: who am I and what is my purpose – in my work and life?


Topics we will cover:

  • What is ’transpersonal’ and what does it offer coaching?
  • A transpersonal view of the ‘spiritual’ & what spiritual means for you
  • The Egg Model – a transpersonal model of the psyche
  • Sub-Personalities – multiplicity and unity in our sense of self
  • Identification & Dis-identification – taking perspective
  • Actor, Agent, Author – 3 developmental stages
  • Essence – experience of ‘I’
  • 2 Dimensions of Growth – and 2 life crises
  • Axial Moments – crucible working with crisis, difficulties, failure
  • Purpose – finding our ‘Ikigai’


The aim of Module 2 is:

  1. To introduce you to additional transpersonal techniques and enable a deeper understanding of transpersonal models.
  2. To explore and develop ecosystemic mindsets and models


Topics we will cover:

  • Ecosystems
  • Contextual intelligence
  • Purposeful motivation & intention
  • Love and Will
  • Imagery, symbols & the Ideal Model
  • Immanent vs transcendent spirituality


Like Module 1 the programme will be practical with time to exchange, practice and engage in discussion.


The aim of Module 3 is:

  1. To engage with the question: who are we in relation to greater wholes, in the current planetary context of multiple and enmeshed crises?
  2. Applying the transpersonal in teams, organisations and beyond to address the challenges of this Great Transition.


Topics we will cover:

  • Transitions – understanding and navigating transitions
  • Resilience and The Ways
  • Identities and Dis-Identification
  • The Transpersonal & Teams, organisations, intentional communities
  • Immanent spirituality – going deeper as part of Gaia
  • Embodied and somatic practices


To participate in Transpersonal Coaching Module 2 and Module 3 you need to have completed the preceding modules.

It is possible to participate in Modules 2 and 3 in your own time frame, however we recommend doing all three modules within the same 12 month period, as the modules build on each other, deepening your understanding and practice. The 3 modules together make up a robust programme that strengthens and embeds the learning, making for a more enriching experience.

We are in the process of applying to get the 3-module programme accredited with the Association for Coaching (AC). Accreditation will require participants to complete all 3 modules and fulfil the between-module requirements for coaching hours, self-study and a reflective journal of practice.

If you wish to take all 3 modules please let us know before you register for Module 1 so we can share the accreditation requirements with you and discuss your learning pathway.




  • Tuesday 20 – Wednesday 21 February 2024
  • Online via Zoom
  • Cost: £800 + VAT
  • Concessions available
  • Bookings and enquiries to:



  • Tuesday 16 – Wednesday 17 April 2024
  • Venue: The Annex, Headington, Oxford
  • Cost: £900 + VAT
  • Concessions available
  • Bookings and enquiries to:



  • Thursday 4 – Friday 5 July 2024
  • Venue: The Annex, Headington, Oxford
  • Cost: £900 + VAT
  • Concessions available
  • Bookings and enquiries to:


If you book 2 modules together at the same time we offer a £200 discount on the full price. If you book all 3 modules together we apply a £300 discount on the full price.


Vibrant discussions and a generosity in sharing of experience

“This is an impressive transpersonal coaching programme, incorporating psychological research, coaching expertise and practical relevance. It is designed for coaches working at depth with clients who are navigating much uncertainty and complexity in these anxious times.
The pace, rhythm, flow and overall design of the program was well crafted and hugely effective. Hetty and Christopher complimented each other superbly and the program benefited from (and showcased) their collective expertise. The programme never felt scripted, it had an emergent feel, as both Hetty and Christopher made space for emergence and responded so well to the learning needs of participants which added to its richness. The participants were all highly experienced (coaches in the main) which allowed for vibrant discussions and a generosity in sharing of experience.”

Deirdre McLoughlin, Developmental Coach and Coach Supervisor

Triggered new and practical ways of thinking and coaching

“A fabulous program that triggered new and practical ways of thinking and coaching. Learnt many tools that I will include in my coaching practise, especially with clients wanting some breakthrough thinking. The fact that the faculty comes with decades of knowledge and practise that was abundantly shared in this course, left me nurtured and confident.”
Latha Emmatty Gupta

Space that was at the same time inspirational and safe

“Thank you for the amazing two days at the Transpersonal Coaching Programme Level 1. You created space that was at the same time inspirational and safe. This made it effortless to understand the transpersonal coaching concepts; and made these concepts real through exercises. I experienced priceless insights that will forever change the way I coach.”
Tanya Durlen

I found the spiritual dimension of the work extremely rewarding and refreshing

“Firstly, Transpersonal coaching as a practice appealed to me because of its depth, breadth and purposeful DNA. I was richly rewarded at every moment throughout the programme, not only because of the wonderfully talented Hetty and Christopher, but by being with others, practising and asking questions, sharing observations, being curious and open, enjoy the freedom of learning, held within specific time boundaries, then to absorb, taste and play with what was on offer…
The most useful aspects were trying out the tools for oneself, practising, noticing how they land for myself and others, and then leaving with one’s own purpose clarified into words. I also found the spiritual dimension of the work extremely rewarding and refreshing, deepening my interest and somehow offering me a sense of finding a real home for me as coach, and me as a thinking, feeling and committed human being.”

Kate Bradshaw, Executive Coach – individual, group and programme lead – Kate Bradshaw Associates Ltd

As a coaching student this programme was invaluable

“As a coaching student this programme was invaluable. There were so many takeaways for me including getting to know myself better, spiritual growth and a safe environment to challenge myself and learn from a group of experienced coaches who brought a wealth of knowledge to the container.”

Inspiring | Interactive | Intelligent | Illuminating |Interesting

“Inspiring | Interactive | Intelligent | Illuminating |Interesting – I loved this two -day programme with the wise and wonderful Hetty. You should not be coaching without some knowledge of transpersonal psychology and the important work of Assagioli which is brought to life in a series of excellent activities and talks in this two-day programme”
Lucy Mullins, Co-Founder and Course Director #RideTheWave

A truly profound and deep learning experience

“The programme provided me with a truly profound and deep learning experience. Hetty’s relaxed approach, delivered with warmth, laughter and joy, coupled with her openly sharing her deep reservoir of knowledge and experience created a rich and participative learning environment”
Steve Twort



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